How do I know it's Organic?

In organic world, the first question asked is 'Is it organic?'. Even the question 'How organic is good for health?' comes second.

Approaching this question from a parallel perspective: What shall be the answer to the question 'Can you ensure this shirt will not lose its color when I wash it tomorrow?' In other words, obtaining a warranty for a product is part of the business from age-old days. And it's obvious that a good warranty means more value and hence more money is involved in the transaction.

In organic world too, the situation is the same. Good, Certified organic products come with a higher price - with a written assurance. The other way to obtain real organic products is to know the producer and seller of the products personally. This option involves less money, but more time!

In short, there are only three ways to know it:

  1. Through a valid certification

  2. Through a trusted relationship

  3. Through self-experimentation

While the third option might take a life time of yours, it perhaps would be worth the effort!