Project Bamboo

Post date: Mar 8, 2015 1:18:34 AM


A group of institutions has come together and working towards the propagation of Bamboo in Mysore region. Bamboo is one material that's intertwined in our daily lives more than any other material - from construction, paper industry, furniture, food to textiles. Being a grass, it's sustainable and environment-friendly as well. Under this initiative, here are some of the activities currently underway:

    1. Creating public awareness about Bamboo
    2. Providing technical training to interested farmers
    3. Setting up a Bamboo nursery & a resource center in Mysore
    4. Establish the necessary infrastructure for post harvest processing and storage
    5. Linking with the Industry people to establish a strong local market in Mysore region

As part of this initiative, a workshop is organized on 8th March at Arivu School, Mysore from 10 AM to 4 PM. The target audience for this workshop are Farmers, Architects, Entrepreneurs, Students and Nature-lovers striving to be part of a sustainable economy. The workshop is being conducted by scientists from ICFRE (Indian Council for Forestry Research and Education) and IPIRTI (Indian Plywood Industries Research & Training Institute).

Further to this workshop, specific action areas has been identified and work plans are being prepared with short term and long term targets involving the interested public. The key action areas are:

In the last 30 years, China has successfully turned its bamboo sector from a traditional, small-scale, low value-adding sector with manual processing into an emerging modern rural industry, which balances economy with environment, and provides sustainability for rural livelihoods and mountain forestry.

Why shouldn’t we? Let’s put Mysore in the map of Bamboo!