Ban on poisonous pesticides

Recently Govt of India puts out a Gazette Notification on banning 18 pesticides in Anupam Verma Committee report (Click here for the Gazzette notification). After many years of struggle by the civil society which led to the Anupam Verma Committee report, this ban has happened.

Now for effective implementation of this order, we are trying to collate the common names (associated product names in the market) of these chemicals and circulate this information among the farming community and public. Otherwise, these pesticides will remain in the market for a long time, in a country like ours.=

Please let me know if anyone with the necessary knowledge is interested in doing this activity. A compensation of Rs. 2000/- shall be provided for this work. Once compiled, this will be translated and published in different languages.

If interested, please contact 9980261767