Our Organic Policy


Our procurement policy is based on the following principles:

  • We strive to identify & bring good Organic produce to earnest consumers from little known farmers & communities in and around Mysore.
  • We promote Local Food systems – as it creates more local jobs, keep money in local economies & promote community development
  • We prefer PGS Certifications, as we believe in Trust more than the certifications. While the TRUST based model brings more challenges operationally, we believe it's a more sustainable model (for more details on PGS certification, please refer to http://www.pgsorganic.in/)
  • We procure from either farmers directly or from NGOs who acts as a bridge between the producers and consumers


  • We believe STORAGE is an important aspect in 'being organic'
  • We intend to unearth the old customs in storing food items without losing its nutritional value


  • How to arrive at a Pricing policy with Ethics in the background and Reality in the foreground? While much has been talked about the Fair Price Model, its implementations are multi-hued and customized - as per the situation.
  • Our intent is to make the middle men involved in the Food industry more transparent and providing food at a more constant rate - the current fluctuation in the food industry is too high for a common man to adjust.
  • For a social enterprise like Prakriti, profit is one among the guiding principles. Prakriti believes Inclusive Growth in the society is businesses's responsibility. This would mean, Prakriti prioritizes local small farmers produce than Industrial produce. It also means, making good nutritious food available to everyone becomes Prakriti's responsibility.