Seed Sharing at Belavala Farm, Mysore

Post date: Apr 14, 2018 10:16:31 AM

The seed sharing event was organized by Belavala farms and Sahaja seeds on 13th April 2018.

Jon Jondai from Thailand in Mysore

Sri Jon Jondai, an active and progressive organic farmer from Thailand was in town. He's a versatile person who advocates natural and simple living.

The core theme of the event being SEEDS, various other organizations including Punarchit had displayed a wide variety of seeds of many species. The dark maroon coloured tur variety was quite attractive.

Today the diversity of seeds is diminishing because Seeds are being 'manufactured' in laboratories by multi-national companies. These seeds by virtue of it, cannot reproduce. So, along with the loss of diversity, the nature's cycle is being abruptly stopped by these manufactured seeds. Traditionally, every community maintained their own seed banks. So, in effect, when we hear there were 6000 varieties of paddy varieties in India, it means, there were 6000 active communities that were living with self-respect in a self-reliant manner, which in turn supports a few more thousands of communities around them that are inter-dependent on these communities.

traditional seeds in Mysore

The seeds from the same bean plant will grow to become different 'bean' when grown in different geographical conditions.So, the simplest way to bring back diversity in seeds is to start growing atleast one plant in each home. Over a few iterations, the plant in your home/farm would have become a variety of its own. (Darwin's theory of Natural selection). And this seed diversity is the only way to bring food security for Humanity. Or else, with all our eggs in one basket, catastrophe might occur.

Now, growing a plant is one skill, while collecting seeds from it is quite another. Those who are interested to know more about Seed selection and Seed preservation, please reach out to us at or WhatsApp - 7204288166

Self-Reliance is our Goal. Learning Self-reliance in today's inter-dependent world is the art & science that's to be mastered.

Organic farmers gathering in Mysore