Why Organic


There is more and more evidence that chemical based fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides are extremely harmful to our health. Conventional commercial agriculture relies heavily on chemical fertilizers and toxic pesticides for increasing the yield, which are harmful to human health. In addition to which, there are over 7000 artificial and/or chemical preservatives and additives permitted in non-organic food including colorings, stabilizers, fillers, residual antibiotics, hydrogenated fats, etc. none of which are permitted in organic foods.

It's scientifically proven that the Organic products have more nutritional value than its non-organic counterparts (refer to the 'Health per Acre' study report).


In India as elsewhere, chemical fertilizers and pesticides have been aggressively promoted and heavily subsidized to keep the fertilizer companies afloat, without realizing the resulting devastation these chemical applications have wrought on the sustainability of agriculture.

The recent introduction of GM seeds and crops (genetically modified, also called GE, genetically engineered), which need to be purchased every year at a high cost put the whole of Agriculture in jeopardy.

Many of India 's farmers have lost much of their ancestral farming knowledge and ancient seed varieties since the introduction of chemical based commercial agriculture and hybrid seeds. In many areas of India and all over the world, valuable medicinal plants are becoming endangered because of indiscriminate commercial over-harvesting and other adverse collection practices that damage essential natural habitats.


To understand the importance of biodiversity, imagine a world with half the population look and act exactly like you. If you get a fever, almost certainly half of the world's population would get the same fever as viruses look for and attack similar hosts.

Organic farming promotes biodiversity by nurturing the rich varieties of seeds available locally in many parts of the world. It's pure common sense not to put all the eggs in one basket. The high use of pesticides required for the Bt variety of seeds is because of this reason. So, promoting local variety seeds is a essential thing to do.

Atharvana Veda says,

O pure Earth, May that we utilize your soil well, without causing you injury or harm or disturbing any vital element in you.

This is our civilization’s legacy!

We have given the world the concept of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakum – the Earth family which represents the democracy of all life