Anand - KRS Road

Post date: Jul 24, 2012 8:08:13 AM

Organic farm near Mysore
traditional food processing unit in Mysore

Anand is a young progressive organic farmer who has left his posh lifestyle and a lucrative career to protect the sanctity of Mother Earth. His farm is located in KRS road (3 kms from the ring road junction). This organic farm near Mysore strives to be a model for Integrated farming with all the associated activities with Agri-culture to be incorporated - food processing, poultry, fish rearing etc. The plans are actually big :-). The aim is to 'prove' that Agri-culture can be a viable means of earning a living. It's an attempt to bring back the youth energy into Agri-culture. Work is on for setting up a food processing unit which balances the traditional methods with modern technology.