Weeding process

posted Aug 20, 2012, 7:10 AM by Balachandran Chidambaranatraj
How to handle weeds?

Subash Palekar says 'Weeds are there for a reason'. So, don't touch it. Leave it as it is and it'll only help you'

But the above statement stands true only in a forest garden where the 5 layers of trees are planted and a perfect forest ecosystem is created with a beautiful symbiotic relationship between the different species.

In the typical modern agriculture, where rows of plants are nurtured across acres, if weeds are not removed, it literally 'overshadows' (from the sunlight) the original plant and yield will be badly affected. So weeding is a necessity. However, the objective should be to gradually move towards Palekar's mode of zero budget farming only (if one is not expecting any returns from the first year, perhaps zero budget farming can be started from day one). Or else, a transition period of 6-8 years should be planned.

The other day, an amateur did the weeding and actually plucked the groundnut plants itself. The white colored nuts in the roots are the baby groundnuts in the making. For man to manufacture something like this, it perhaps will take eons. The magic of soil plus sunlight plus seed is to be seen to be believe!

groundnut weeding

The amateur labour pulled the groundnut plant instead of the weeds