Flax seeds

flax seeds in Mysore Prakriti

Agasi in kannada,

Alsi in Hindi,

Ali vidai in Tamil, 

Avise ginzal in Telugu, Cheruchana vithu in Malayalam and also known as linseeds.

Ø  Flax seed chutney -  can be grinded along with red chillies, garlic and salt

Ø  Flax seed podi - Roast ½ cup separately and grind with roasted ½ tbsp of Bengal gram, 2 tbsp of black gram dal, 1tbsp of Coriander seeds and cumin along with 8-10 red chillis with garlic.

Ø  Avoid using it whole. Roast the seed and after it cracks, grind it.

Ø  High fiber food – so start slowly with 1 tbsp of grounded flax seeds and gradually increase to 2 to 4 tbsp for a day.

Ø  Drink plenty of water. ( 8 cups appro.)

Ø  Grounded can be used along with all flours – while making chapatis, dosas or idlis, to boost the nutritional value.

Ø  Some cooks suggest to use it in baking too – esp., as a replacement of egg.

flax seed in Mysore Prakriti Organic


l  High content Omega- 3 fat in flax seed, is a boon for bone protection esp., vegetarians.

l  Reduces blood clot, reducing the risk of heart diseases, strokes, arthritis, asthma and diabetes.

l  Flax also produce flexible cell membrane – that acts as our gatekeeper allowing needed nutrients, while eliminating the wastes.

l  High Fiber lowering cholestrol levels.